Funknasty started as guitarist/vocalist Anthony Cavuoto and bassist Ed Nevin while frequenting local open mics on Long Island. Noticing the material was well received, they decided to experiment with a full band adding Josh Smith on drums, Mikey Vitale on sax/flute, Joe Abdat on rhymes, and Mike Rad on keys. With an influence each of their own, they moved forward with the project, blurring the lines between Hip-Hop, Funk, Rock and R&B to create their own lane.


Anthony Cavuoto

Anthony Cavuoto Anthony Cavuoto

    Anthony Cavuoto was born a man. He is the guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and founding member of Funknasty. He had initially got his start performing with bands in the local hardcore and metal scene before moving onto a more funk/pop/hip hop style. Pioneering his signature finger picking werpled strat tone playing style, looking for a original sound that finds the perfect happy medium between the jagged riffing of metal and groovey tastefullyness of a more funk sound. Over the years he has developed an incredibly diverse resume of people whom he has gigged with that stretches all the way between Barry Manilow and Underoath.

Top 5 Influences:
•John Mayer
•Allen Stone
•Bring Me The Horizon

•Custom Schecter C-1 Diamond Series
•acoustic GT50 Lead Heads
•Fender Front Man Series Cabinets
•Digitech Whammy
•Digitech Digidelay
•Ibanez Wheeping Demon
•Electroharmonix Soul Food

Joe "Abdat"

Joe ! Joe ! Some of his earliest musical exposure was a video mixtape of Michael Jackson made by his grandmother. At the ripe old age of four, he choreographed a dance routine to the classic record, "Whoop There It Is". A short time after he bagan his foray into the world of rhyming with the likes of DMX, Tupac, and Mase being popular hip hop artist of the time. In 9th grade he was expelled twice from two separate schools consecutively for insisting he only speak in rhymes accompanied by a dope beat. Fast forward to spring 2012 the band Funknasty was quickly gaining noteriety. After a few encounters with members of the band and a few more heart to hearts over spilt booze and a jeffery, a deal was struck. His place in the band being solidified by spring 2013, he knew he had finally found a dock for his massive ship.

Top 5 Influences
• Michio Kaku
• Neil Degrasse Tyson
• Blink-182
• Michael Jackson
• Alan Watts

• Soft cover Moleskine
• BIC Intensity Fine Point Felt Tip Pen
• Macbook Pro
• Slightly above average good looks

Ed Nevin

Ed Nevin      Ed "Old Kid" Nevin - Long Island, NY Born in Medford's own Eagle Estates (locally known as "Illegal Mistakes") Began playing guitar around age 10 after gaining an appreciation of Heavy Metal, Reggae and Punk respectively. (Asides from a brief stint in Canadian Inuit Music) Then the bass... (The Neighborhood, Jimmy Hayes.) After reuniting on a local playground with Anthony Cavuoto, Funknasty was to be coalesced in the summer of 2012. His groove is similar to the loose, improvisational tendencies of Gordon, with the rhythmic solitude of Eric Wilson, all while keeping it naaaaasty like Claypool.

Top Five Bass Influences:
• Mike Gordon
• Stanley Clarke
• Les Claypool
• Victor Wooten
• Eric Wilson

Gear Setup
• Gallien-Krueger 4x10 MBX 600 watt cabinet
• Gallien Krugger Backline 600 head
• Schecter Diamond Series Stilletto 5 String Bass
• Monster Cables
• Boss, Morley, Electroharmonix, Moogerfooger pedals

Mikey Vitale

Mikey Vitale Mikey Vitale    Mikey is a native of Suffolk County, Long Island. After high school, he attended the university at George Mason in Northern Virginia. Having Washington D.C. at his disposal, being a Metro ride away, he maintained an appearance in the D.C. Jazz scene, and co-started the band Crowded Streets, a tribute to Dave Matthews Band, playing bari, tenor, alto, and soprano saxophone, flute, and penny Whistle. He followed that up by touring with Yellow Dubmarine, a Beatles Reggae tribute. Then, one cold winter night in 2013, Mikey discovered Funknasty at a local pub in Coram, New York and the rest is history. (well technically all of this was history)

Top 5 influences:
• Jeff Coffin
• Michael Brecker
• Cannonball Adderly
• Maceo Parker
• Charlie Parker

• Cannonball Big Bell Stone Series
• Vandorean V45 mouthpiece
• Rico Tenor Reeds 2 1/2

Mike Rad

Josh SmithJosh Smith     Mike "The Rad" Readinger – Joining Funknasty in Fall 2014, this Huntington (aka $-ton) native adds a crisp, fastidious flavor to the band's boisterous lineup. He has been playing piano since age 7 and began studying the Jazz and Funk greats in high school, picking up the Hammond organ in pursuit of critical soul power. He is a founding member of the Funk outfit Ladies Drink Free and has performed throughout the North East. His musical voice spans across an eclectic range of timbres through swirling organs, crunchy electric pianos and gooey synth tones. When not honing his craft, The Rad can be found lounging fireside, reading ancient Mesopotamian literature while sampling this year's harvest of candied yams.

Top 5 Influences:
• Cory Henry
• Bill Withers
• Justin Timberlake
• Bill Evans
• Funky Knuckles

• Hammond XK-3C
• Yamaha Motif XS6
• Hohner Clavinet D6 w/ custom Vintage Vibe preamp
• Ibanez TS9 tube screamer
• Ibanez DE7 delay
• Ibanez PH7 phaser
• Wurlitzer 200a electric piano